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Main Section - Chess Tiger 2007
"Chess Tiger 2007"
Chess Tiger 2007

New version ! Using new search algoritms this version is at least 80 points stonger than the 2004 version. With Chess Tiger 2007 another jump forward is made, this version has a totally new search algorithm that makes the program 4 to 8 times faster at long time controls. This is where most of the strength improvement came from.

But the engine also features new positional knowledge:

• pins by bishops (there was a bug in CT2004: it would actually AVOID making pins!)
• pawn majorities 2 vs 1 and how to block them when it is possible.
• more passed pawn knowledge.
• ...and more.

CT2007 is 80+ elo points stronger at blitz than CT2004 (on a fast computer), and much stronger at long time controls. We still do not know exactly how much stronger it is.

As a Lokasoft special we have included a UCI version of the engine, this version can not only be used in ChessPartner, but also in other GUI's such as Chessbase and Arena.
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