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Closing store

After many years of running the Lokasoft store, we have decided to close it.

Due to the availability of free software and lack of updates to our own producs, sales have been declining for many years. We reached a point were it makes no sense keeping the store open.

We want to thank all our loyal customers.

For support check our main site at:


Renewed Lokasoft shop website

After many year of use of our old shop software we retired the old site and create a new site using a open source package called nopCommerce. We also took the opportunity to switch to another payment provider which has more payment options. For our dutch customeres iDeal is now an options, also some other country specific methods are provided.

We are now in the process of filling the shop, as don't not want to take over all the products from the old shop we have to do it manually which takes some time.

The user accounts from the old shop are not imported.

In case of questions about lost registration codes etc. send a message to support, we still have the old data available.